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India’s defeat and Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor’s tweet


Australia won the series by winning the fifth and final match in India’s One-Day series between Australia and India. Australia scored 273 runs target but India’s entire team scored 237 runs on the last ball of the match.

Australia was defeated in the first two matches of the series, but in the subsequent matches, the great form of Pakistani-born Australian Batsman Usman Khawaja played a major role in turning the series against India. In the last match, he made 106 balls in 106 balls.


On this success Major General Asif Ghafoor, head of the Pakistani military’s public relations department, admired Usman Khawaja’s strike rate in his bootstrap and wrote ‘Strike’ in capital letters to highlight his message. That’s why they appreciated Usman Khawaja’s performance in series and ended up making them series centric, in capital letters to highlight the word ‘cap’ in English.

There were also plenty of comments on Major General Asif Ghafoor’s tweet. Tutter user Arthasham ul Haq wrote in his reply ‘Let’s go head, there’s already rotating your tweets in the breaking news’.

Although ‘Strike Retire’ in Tweet was given special reference, but if we see Stricke Rats in a one-day match today, Usman Khawaja did not make runs fast but his performance was still good in the series. His batting in Pakistan is being praised. Usman Khawaja is also named Tendrand in Pakistan. Remember here, Pakistan’s next one-day series will be against Australia and if Osman Khawaja is part of the Australian team, he will be against Pakistan.

Like the user, Vajpayee Kazmi, many users beat India even in the match that the match with which India’s players lost the match against the match wearing a military cap.

Another toaster user has given him a post office with Heesh Tag Usman Khawaja. Someone, in India, took three successes in the three matches in Australia and started being called the third ‘surgical strike’ in terms of the claims of surgical striking during the tension in Pakistan.

After the defeat in the first two matches, Australia got a great victory in the third match. This match was particularly interested in Pakistani fans. The win was also the head of Pakistan-based Osman Khawaja.

There was a tension between Pakistan and India, and during the third match of the series, Indian team was wearing a military capsion in the field against the plaudah attack and solidarity with its army. His move was the subject matter and it came to the ICC.

The series was equal to four matches and in the fifth match ‘every heart dear’ Usman Khawaja made another century. When Indians were in the field of target pursuit, at the end of 30 overs, six players were out of 138 for 138 runs. Rather, Rohit Sharma’s second-highest order in the face of the Australian bowling was shattered.

Bhunishwarya Kumar and Kedar Jadoo added 76 runs in the next fifteen overs but when Bhunishwas Kumar went out in 46th over and four more overs required for four overs and India’s situation was difficult. On the other hand, the other wrapped jadows were out and the necklace was confirmed. India’s team failed to get 273 target and scored 237 runs in the final match of the series played on its own soil.