Onic Sim Pakistan Price and Packages Details

ONIC Sim is establishing its reputation in Pakistan as a pioneer. This unique digital telecommunications service is recognized for its rapid assistance, swift setup, and offline convenience. Recently unveiled in the market, ONIC Sim has garnered considerable interest. Its affordable pricing and the ease of placing orders online render it a compelling choice for individuals seeking a fresh and streamlined telecommunications encounter. Through ONIC Sim, Pakistani users can revel in an entirely new echelon of connectivity and service quality.

After making its debut in the Pakistani market, Onic SIM has sparked a surge of curiosity surrounding its novel telecom offerings. There has always been a longing for fresh, inventive solutions that cater to the need for uninterrupted internet access, all while being budget-friendly. The arrival of Onic SIM seems to have been eagerly anticipated, fulfilling the void that people were yearning for. Below, you can find the details regarding Onic SIM’s prices and packages in Pakistan.

That’s the reason why a lot of mobile users have made the switch to the ONIC network. This allows them to enjoy top-notch calling, texting, and internet packages without breaking the bank. So, if you’re considering changing networks or just curious about the pricing and various packages of Onic SIM in Pakistan, this article is here to give you all the details you require!

Onic Sim Price In Pakistan

The Onic SIM has gained substantial popularity among Pakistani consumers as an economical choice for those seeking reliable and efficient connectivity. With prices ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 150, the Onic SIM is exceptionally budget-friendly. Its robust standing in the competitive industry is attributed to its cost-effective approach, rendering it a favored option for many.

In a nation like Pakistan, where the telecommunications sector is consistently expanding, new ventures are embraced. Onic, a recent participant in the market, aspires to provide its customers with access to a dependable network. Given their newcomer status, they are still in the process of developing their infrastructure. Consequently, to deliver enhanced services to their users, they are leveraging existing established networks.

Of course, when opting for a new telecommunications provider, pricing perpetually plays a pivotal role. Fortunately, Onic has curated reasonably priced packages and tariffs for its clientele. Through the utilization of the Onic SIM, individuals can now avail themselves of a trustworthy network without straining their finances.

How to Buy it order Onic SIM online in Pakistan

Acquiring an Onic SIM card is an uncomplicated and swift process when the time is right. The procedure for procuring an Onic SIM is outlined below:

  1. Go to the Onic website (https://www.onic.pk/) and click on “Order Now.”
  2. Select the desired SIM card from the available choices.
  3. Input your contact and personal details as prompted on the website.
  4. Choose your preferred delivery method: either collect the SIM card in person from a nearby store or have it delivered to your address.
  5. Utilize any accepted payment method, such as credit/debit cards, online banking, mobile wallets, etc., to finalize the purchase.
  6. After a successful payment, your SIM card will be dispatched to your address or made available for in-store pickup.
  7. Head to an authorized Onic retailer to activate the SIM using an appropriate package plan and valid identification.
  8. Insert the SIM card into your device and start using it once all the steps are completed.

If you require any assistance with ordering your Onic SIM or have queries, you can reach out to Onic Customer Care. They are accessible through their helpline or website and will be glad to assist you.

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 Onic Sim code 

Every Onic SIM card distributed within Pakistan comes equipped with a serial number that initiates with 0339. This distinct serial number plays a crucial role in efficiently managing and identifying network services. For those considering obtaining a new Onic SIM card, it’s worth contemplating the installation of the ONIC App. This application is conveniently available for download through various app stores, granting users effortless access to a plethora of features and services. Through the combined functionality of the freshly activated SIM card and the downloaded software, users can seamlessly take charge of their cellular services directly from their devices.

Within the realm of Pakistani telecommunications, there’s a palpable anticipation surrounding the impending revelation of pricing and package particulars for Onic SIM cards. Fueled by its unwavering commitment to user accessibility and satisfaction, this pioneering network stands ready to enact a comprehensive transformation of the entire telecom sector. Despite circulating rumors that erroneously link Onic to Ufone, our focus remains firmly fixed on verifiable truths. These truths encompass the imminent debut of the Onic SIM, its enticing array of features, and its potential to redefine connectivity within our nation.

The telecom landscape in Pakistan eagerly awaits the divulgence of pricing and package information pertaining to Onic SIM cards. Rooted in a steadfast dedication to user convenience and preferences, this groundbreaking network is on the cusp of a revolutionary overhaul of the telecommunications industry. Despite unverified speculations connecting Onic with Ufone, our unwavering attention remains on substantiated realities. These realities encompass the forthcoming introduction of the Onic SIM, its captivating features, and its potential to bring about a transformative shift in connectivity across our homeland.

While we don’t have a complete understanding of all the services that Onic SIM offers just yet, initial signs suggest a hopeful entrant in Pakistan’s mobile industry. Rest assured, we’ll promptly share any new details as they emerge. For the latest updates, you can refer to Onic’s official Facebook page and website.


Are you in search of a fresh SIM card? Opt for the ONIC App! It can be found on app stores, providing you with access to a range of services. With the activated SIM and the downloaded app, handling your mobile services is a breeze.