iPhone and Android users warned of deadly bacteria on the surfaces of phone screens

Experts have warned that bacteria from human feces and cockroaches are among the invisible germs lurking on the surfaces of mobile phone screens. According to a report by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the study on harmful microbes that can be transmitted to the user’s body found E. coli and fecal streptococci on 100% of smart phone screens.

Bacillus cereus, the causative agent of food poisoning, and Staphylococcus aureus, the causative agent of pneumonia, were both found in all twenty swabs taken from 10 phones. While no traces of Salmonella were found in the swabs, half of them revealed the presence of P. aeruginosa bacteria, which are typically found in cockroach feces.

Human excrement and cockroach excrement:

Sarah Mcconomy, the operations manager at “SellCell” company, which conducted the study, stated that the aim was to determine “the extent of harmful bacteria on mobile phone screens and the most common types of bacteria.” She pointed out that “the results were truly appalling, as many forms of bacteria originated from human feces, highlighting the need for individuals to thoroughly clean and sanitize their mobile phones, and perhaps the most concerning finding was the presence of P. aeruginosa bacteria, which directly comes from cockroach waste.

20 colonies of germs:

The study examined screens of privately-owned smartphones, possessed by six females and four males ranging in age from 22 to 62. A total of 20 colonies of both enterococci and enteric cocci were discovered on the tested screens, which form in the stomach and intestines of both humans and animals. These colonies may pose a risk of respiratory and skin infections, and even food poisoning.


Blame has been attributed to certain bacteria for the entry of phones into restrooms, where researchers suggest that bacteria can spread through the air in as little as five minutes when toilets are cleaned, increasing the likelihood of them adhering to and falling onto phone surfaces. SellCell has noted that “users then carry the bacteria on their phones outside of the restroom to the rest of the home,” where the risk of disease spread can increase.

While many microbes may be completely harmless, the most dangerous types, which can cause diarrhea, vomiting, respiratory infections, and even urinary tract and bloodstream infections, can be transmitted to the user or any family member. Therefore, it is advisable to first refrain from bringing smartphones into restrooms and to regularly clean them thoroughly.