WhatsApp introduces a feature that already present in Telegram for a long time

The instant messaging application “WhatsApp” is testing a new feature, which has been utilized for a considerable time in social media networks. Technological website WabetaInfo, which tracks news about WhatsApp first-hand, announced that the app has introduced the Pinned Message feature in the beta version.

The new service enables users to locate crucial messages within chats. If one user pins a specific message in a chat with another user or in a group, and the other user is utilizing an outdated version of the application, they will not see the pinned message, instead, a message will appear before them saying “One of them has pinned a message here… Please update WhatsApp.”

The new service aids in enhancing organization within groups, which can prove challenging in tracking messages, particularly in groups with a large number of members.

The messages can be pinned, such as a significant reminder to group members, desired by administrators to persist for a prolonged period, so as not to disappear beneath the accumulating messages from users.

The new service will be implemented in the latest application update.

It should be noted that the pinned message service has existed for some time in the rival instant messaging app, Telegram, as well as being a fundamental component of communication platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.