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PCB expecting assurance from ICC for Indian visas for Pakistan team

LAHORE: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is expecting to get an assurance that an Indian visa will be given to the Pakistan cricket team at the upcoming International Cricket Council (ICC) chief executive meeting this month.

The PCB has asked ICC to make sure that the Pakistan team get an Indian visa for their participation in the T20 World Cup this year.

Earlier, March 30 was set as the deadline to get the assurance from the international cricket body.

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Indian news organisations have reported that the Indian board has got assurance from the government in this respect.

In February, PCB chairperson Ehsan Mani had said if the T20 World Cup was to be held in India, then the country would have to extend full cooperation — such as visas and full security to the squad — to Pakistan. If, however, it was unable to do so, then the event should be moved to another venue.

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