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Pakistani club cricketer smashes a six — only to break his own car’s windscreen

A Pakistani club cricketer can be seen in a video collapsing to the ground in anguish as a ball he smashed for a six ended up going out of the park and smashing his car’s windscreen.

Asif Ali, 38, was playing in a cup quarter-final for an amateur side yesterday afternoon when he smashed a six off a spinner. 

However, in the video that has now gone viral on social media (and for good reason), Ali can be seen falling to his knees as his the ball sails past the ground and smashes into the windscreen of his Vauxhall Zafira.

Ali’s opponents and teammates can be seen bursting out in laughter as they realise the irony of the moment — how within seconds the club cricketer comes to regret the towering six he hit.

“Asif, please can we have your keys so that we can open your car and get the ball back?” shouts one person from the car, relishing the moment.

The incident took place during a Halifax Cricket League Shield quarter-final between Asif’s side, Illingworth St Mary’s Cricket Club, and Sowerby’s St Peter’s.

Ali’s side suffered a seven-wicket defeat though he finished at 43 not out. 

“‘He’s a regular big hitter and when he connects it goes a long way,” said Illingworth St Mary’s club chairman Jeremy Rhodes. “The bowler dropped one short and he hit it through square leg very hard and high. I think he knew the moment it left his bat, his head was in his hands.”

Rhodes said the “poor guy was devastated” but added that he carried on like a professional. He said the game was being witnessed by a huge crowd and the response was one of “stunned silence and laughter”. 

The incident served as a warning for Rhodes too, who was clever enough to move his car 150 yards away lest it suffer the same fate. 

The club also had fun reliving the incident, sharing it on Twitter with the caption:

“That moment when you hit a massive six only for it crash through your own car windscreen.”

Ali said his family was streaming the game live and after it ended, called and texted him about the ball-smashing incident.