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Momina Mustehsan ‘sad’ to see ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’ of Quinton de Kock to get Fakhar Zaman out

Momina Mustehsan expressed her displeasure over ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’ from Quinton de Kock to get Fakhar Zaman out in the second game of the three-match ODI series between Pakistan and South Africa.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday, Pakistani singer expressed her anger over ‘unfair’ dismissal of Fakhar Zaman and wrote: ‘Should it not be wrong to purposely distract/trick a player midplay running to the crease? Sad to see unsportsmanlike conduct…’ She also tagged PCB and ICC.

Fakhar’s controversial dismissal at 193 has triggered a huge debate with wicketkeeper de Kock appearing to gesture that the throw from Markram might be going to the non-striker’s end. Zaman slowed down considerably, believing his end wasn’t under attack, but the throw took him by surprise and put paid to his valiant knock.

Fakhar Zaman took responsibility for the error of judgement in the moments leading up to his run-out, saying it was “my own fault” for not looking at the fielder. 

A large number of fans and former cricketers have expressed their displeasure at the incident suggesting that the dismissal should have been struck off with five penalty runs and an extra delivery awarded to the chasing side under law.

According to cricket experts, law 41.5.1 states that “it is unfair for any fielder wilfully to attempt, by word or action, to distract, deceive or obstruct either batsman after the striker has received the ball”. In addition, clause 41.5.2 says that “It is for either one of the umpires to decide whether any distraction, deception or obstruction is wilful or not.”

In another tweet, Momina Mustehsan also knocked at ICC door to know about the law as she penned: We all should tweet @ICC to ask for a comment. Is 41.5 a valid law? And if it is, was @FakharZamanLive dismissed unfairly? Cricket is loved and played across the globe. Important to address incident to keep it from encouraging deception in future plays #PakvsSA

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