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Fans slam Dinesh Karthik for his controversial remark on air

Commentators are best known for expressing their opinions during the passage of the play. They are often known to make the game ever so interesting for TV viewers. Fans who follow the sport at home listen to the commentators and relish the overall cricketing experience.

At times, there are chances that the commentators might cross their limits and lose themselves completely while expressing opinions. Recently, Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik did a pretty good job as a commentator during the ICC World Test Championship final between India and New Zealand that took place at The Ageas Bowl in Southampton.

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Impressed by Karthik’s commentary, experienced commentator Harsha Bhogle took to Twitter to heap praise on the veteran for his in-depth knowledge of the game. Fans also appreciated Karthik for expressing himself ever so well in the commentary box.

Fans slam Dinesh Karthik for his controversial remark

Meanwhile, Karthik landed himself in big trouble after he came up with a controversial remark during the second ODI between England and Sri Lanka at Kennington Oval, London. Dinesh was on air for Sky Sports when he thought about cricket bats and then ended up using a disputed analogy to make his point.

Karthik’s words created a massive outrage on social media, thus triggering fans to slam the cricketer. “Batsmen and not liking bats – they go hand in hand,” said Karthik. “Most of the batters don’t seem to like their bats. They either like another person’s bat or… bats are like a neighbour’s wife, they always feel better,” he added.

While some people enjoyed his commentary, there are others who slammed the cricketer for his controversial comment. “Yo @DineshKarthik, we’re always excited to hear your voice in the background of good games and your analysis has been on point but you gotta do better than that misogynistic joke. Perpetuates the same toxic masculinity that doesn’t need to exist in sport. A joke in poor taste!,” one user wrote.

“why is everyone hailing Dinesh Karthik as a great commentator for his sexist and cringe comment comparing a married woman to a bat wtf is wrong with people????,” the other user wrote.

“Humor and opinions are subjective. I felt Dinesh Karthik’s comments are in poor taste. But since he built this image of most knowledgeable and likeable commentator with stylish outfits, I feel he’ll get away easily. Anyone else would’ve found themselves in trouble,” another Twitter user expressed his opinion.

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