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Babar Azam has scored double-digit figures over the last 28 ODIs

Pakistani skipper Babar Azam can be seen hitting a shot in this file photo. — Twitter/TheRealPCB

Pakistani skipper Babar Azam has earned his place among the world’s top batsmen, ranking only second to India’s Virat Kohli in the ICC’s ODI rankings for batsmen. 

As the spotlight turns on Azam, there seems to be another impressive feat that the Pakistani skipper has achieved over the past 28 ODIs. 

His recent performances have been outstanding as well, with the Pakistani skipper managing to score two or three-digit figures in the last 28 matches that he has played — since 2018.

In a recent ODI against South Africa, the Pakistani captain managed to score 103 runs in a classy inning that saw his team out of the woods against the Proteas after Fakhar Zaman fell early on.

Azam’s century put him in a league of his own as he became the fastest batsman in the world to score 13 ODI centuries.

Despite his amazing run of form, Azam is still placed behind his Indian counterpart in the ODI rankings. 

Kohli is still placed on the top of the table, with an 857 rating, while Azam is right behind him with a rating of 852.

Here’s his scorecard for the last 28 macthes:

94, 31, 103, 125, 77*, 19, 31, 115, 96, 45, 101*, 69, 48, 30, 63, 22, 80, 115, 15, 51, 16, 24, 41*, 69, 12, 49, 92, 46.

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