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2021: LA-21 Poonch/Sudhnoti-4 Result Azad Kashmir Elections

LA-21 Poonch/Sudhnoti-4 is a constituency of the Azad Kashmir Legislative Assembly which is currently represented by the Sardar Muhammad Sagheer Chugtai of All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference. It covers the area of Thorar in the Poonch District of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Old LA-20 Poonch/Sudhnoti-4 = New LA-21 Poonch/Sudhnoti-4

LA-21 Rawlakot Poonch/Sudhnoti-4 AJK, Result Elections 2016-2021

LA-21 Poonch/Sudhnoti-4: Election Result 2021 will be updated soon

In 2021. the contest is again between three main political parties, PMLN, PPP, and PTI. Who will win the said election of the contest? Let us wait for few days.

LA-21 Poonch/Sudhnoti-4 Result Update: 2021

S/No Candidate Name Party Name Election Symbol Votes Received
1 Tahir Anwar Khan PMLN Tiger
2 Nayyar Ayoub Khan PTI Bat
3 Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob PPP Arrow
4 Muhammad Abid Hussain Khan TLP Craine
5 Sardar Abdul Qayyum Afsar Khan JI Book
6 Sardar Azhar Nazar Khan MC Horse

Final Result of Election AJK 2021 and 2016

Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) Election Commission Announced Election Results 2016

LA-20 Poonch/Sudhnoti-4 , Result 2016

S/No Candidate Name Party Name Election Symbol Votes Received
1  Muhammad Sagheer Khan  MC  Horse 17467
2  Sardar Mehmood Iqbal  Jammu o Kashmir Peoples Party  Sword 15978
3  Beghum Shamshad Aziz  PPP  Arrow 1618
4  Sajid Mehmood  Independent  Eagle 989
5  Sardar Shaukat Mehmood Khan  Independent  Television 569
6  Syed Habib Hussain Shah  Independent  Axe 312
7  Basharat Hussain  JI  Book 305
8  Sardar Abdul Qadeer Khan  Independent  Airoplane 133
9 Muhammad Zubair Qadri  All Jammu and Kashmir Sunni Itehad Concil  Ladder 129
10  Sardar Muhammad Siyab Khalid  Independent  Watch 67
11  Sardar Abid Rasheed  Independent  Fountain 33
12 Azkar Ahmed  Independent  Key 0
13  Muhammad Asadullah Khan  Independent  Helicopter 0

LA-21 Poonch/Sudhnoti-4 Azad Kashmir Election Result 2016-2021 – Area Map

LA-21 Poonch Sudhnoti-4 Azad Kashmir Election Result 2016-2021 – Area Map Rawlakot Tehsil